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CTI League Responds to Coordinated Hospital Attack

In March 2020, the CTI League was established with the understanding that ransomware can be a life-threatening risk. For instance, when the 2017 WannaCry cyberattack shut down 40 percent of the United Kingdom's National Health Service, care delivery was delayed,...

CTI-League makes this year’s SANS Making Difference Award

We are excited to have a great achievement to share with everyone, especially those who have contributed and/or benefitted from our impact: SANS chose the CTI League as one of their 2020 Difference Maker Award Winners! Read Ohad Zaidenberg speech from the award...

Hackathon Open Talk Streaming

Live Streaming  Recorded talks Ohad Zaidenberg, CTI League's Founder - Introduction for the CTI League Nate Warfield, CTI Co-founder - Hunting CVE-2020-5902 Beau Woods, CTI League admin - Hacker Volunteerism Karine Ben Simhon, CERT IL - Collaboration with Law...

Hackathon Announcement

Hackathon Announcement

The CTI League’s first event, the hackathon, will take place on 15th-18th of July. For the first time, cyber threat intelligence experts and law enforcement organizations can work together to create the first global and community CERT ever.

CTI League Inaugural Report (March 2020)

CTI League Inaugural Report (March 2020)

The CTI-League, an all-volunteer non-profit group, issued its Inaugural Report on its efforts aggressively dismantling cyber criminal infrastructure and protecting healthcare organizations against cyber attacks. Since its founding on March 14, 2020, the group has:...