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Open Letter to the Health Care Community

As you are aware, the amount of COVID-19 related cyber attacks is surging and, as a result, many healthcare institutions are facing challenges to manage and triage these emergent threats.

There is a restricted-invite group of vetted cyber professionals – led by employees at Microsoft, Clearsky, Okta – volunteering their time and efforts to mitigate these threats and protect our healthcare system. COVID-19 CTI League is producing free intelligence feeds, analyzing attacks, and working with the relevant agencies and companies to take down these criminals.

You can learn more about this specialized group in Dark Reading (an authority in the cybersecurity space).

We’re sharing this for a few reasons:

1)  IT and cybersecurity teams coming from healthcare institutions may join and benefit from CTI League’s efforts. As this is highly technical work developing every day, joining is recommended only by team members directly involved in organizational security operations/cybersecurity.

2) Help spread the word/awareness within the healthcare network so the right folks can get connected to our team. For general questions, please contact [email protected].

3) If your security organization has questions or requires support, please contact us at [email protected]

As the CTI League members receive reports of suspicious domains, compromised infrastructures, and other cyber-attacks by malicious actors, our 24/7 volunteer team triages these reports. Once verified, we work to take down or eliminate threats escalating to CERTs and law enforcement agencies as necessary. You are invited to join the CTI League so you can be immediately notified if an incident is occurring in your area. We will make the best effort attempts to reach CERTs and law enforcement agencies that are not signed up.

Thank you for supporting our shared mission to neutralize cyber threats exploiting this pandemic and ensuring the teams who need us the most can find us.

  • The Covid-19 CTI League is a community of CTI experts, incident responders and industry experts working to neutralize all cyber threats looking to exploit the current pandemic. We identify, analyze and neutralize all threats but at this most sensitive time are prioritizing front-line medical resources and critical infrastructure.
  • If your security team has questions or requires incidence response support, they may contact the League at [email protected]