The CTI League’s first event, a hackathon, will take place from July 15th-18th. For the first time, cyber threat intelligence experts and law enforcement organizations can work together to create the first global, community CERT ever.
The CTI League is the first global community dedicated to protecting the life-saving sectors by neutralizing threats meant to exploit the current COVID-19 pandemic. After 4 months of protecting life-saving organizations worldwide, we realized the essential role that a global CERT that works pro-bono for these organizations would play in reducing harm. The equation is very simple – hospitals, for example, should not pay for ransomware’s group, they should fight infectious physical viruses and disease instead. In 4 months of volunteer work from the CTI League members, often day and night, our understanding of how vulnerable life-saving organizations are, and the enormous number of threats targeting these organizations.
We, the management team of the CTI League, elected to protect these organizations for the long run. Whether there is a global crisis or not, someone needs to watch our watchmen in the cyber domain. This is us,  the CTI League. We are a global organization, we are a community of cybersecurity and infosec experts, we are the first community that enables law enforcement organizations from all around the world to work together with the most talented experts of the industry from all around the world.
The very first hackathon organized by the CTI League will be committed to making the CTI League a global CERT, standing on the front lines of defending medical organizations from cyberthreats. The CTI League’s power is based on its community. We believe that our members should have the ability to determine aspects of the league’s future – we call it “open CERT”, a global CERT, but belonging to the people that contribute to it and take an active part in making the cyber domain safer for all life-savers.
For the hackathon, we will have 3 types of activities. Each activity has a particular  value within the open CERT creation process:
  1. Hackathon competition – Hackathon teams will compete on creating workflows, tools, and automation, such as bots for neutralization and prevention of cyber activities, stakeholder support, information sharing feeds, and dataset aggregation.
  2. Thinktank – Experts from all around the world will be able to work together on creating new services, workflows, and procedures of the league as a global CERT, discussing the pro-bono solutions for the life-saving sectors and identifying the league’s stakeholders. These types of events will be conditional for signing to the specific think tank.
  3. Lectures – To enrich the knowledge of the league’s members about the current services and missions of the league, and about the needs of our stakeholders, talented lecturers will share their insights in 15-30-45 min talk.
To take part in the hackathon, please join the CTI League in The schedule will be shared soon. Stay tuned.