CTI-League Hackathon July 15-18, 2020

CTI League Announces Hackathon July 15-18

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The CTI League is excited to announce the forthcoming CTI-League hackathon!

For the first time, any CTI researcher can take part in creating a Community-driven emergency response organization committed to protecting life-saving sectors from cyber attacks.

The Hackathon event will be taking place July 15-18, 2020!

For the Hackathon schedule, click here

The CTI League is the first Global Volunteer emergency response Community, defending and neutralizing cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities to the life-saving sectors related to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The members of the League are CTI experts, Incident responders, and Industry experts working together with law enforcement organizations. The League services for the life-saving sectors are offered pro-bono and are volunteer-driven. We are looking to protect medical organizations, public healthcare facilities, and emergency organizations from threats from the cyber domain.

The CTI League provides 4 main services for the life-saving sectors:

  1. Active Cyber-attack Neutralization
  2. Cyber-attack Prevention
  3. Cyber-supporting the Life-saving and Health-related Sectors
  4. Monitoring Cyberspace for Potential Danger to Public Health and Safety.

In this most sensitive time, we are here to watch the watchmen that protecting our life in the front lines.

This is a trust-based, restricted invite organization if you wish to join please complete this form and your application will be reviewed. Access to this platform is purely for threat intelligence work and not to be exploited as a for-profit resource.

Contact Information
General Info: [email protected]
Press Inquiries: [email protected]
Incident Response Support: [email protected] 

Management Team
Ohad Zaidenberg
Nate Warfield
Chris Mills
Marc Rogers

Hackathon Open Talk Streaming

Live Streaming  Recorded talks Ohad...

Hackathon Announcement

The CTI League’s first event, a hackathon,...

CTI League Inaugural Report

In this first report, we provide an overview of the CTI League activities including:

  • Membership growth
  • Crucial projects that our volunteers are working on
  • Information on how to engage with us.