Create a safer cyber space for the medical sector and the life-saving organizations

The CTI League aspires to protect the medical sector and the life-saving organizations (MS-LSO) worldwide from cyber-attacks, supplying reliable information, reducing the level of threat, supporting security departments, and neutralizing cyber threats.

The CTI League is the first Open Global Volunteer Emergency Response Center aims to create a safer cyber-space for hospitals, the medical sector and life-saving organizations world wide

 The members of the League are CTI experts, Incident responders, and Industry experts working together with law enforcement organizations. The League services for the life-saving sectors are offered pro-bono and are volunteer-driven. We are looking to protect medical organizations, public healthcare facilities, and emergency organizations from threats from the cyber domain.

The CTI League has 4 main goals, to achieve our mission:

  1. Reduce the level of threat to the MS-LSO by preventing cyber-attacks.
  2. Neutralize cyber threats looking to harm MS-LSO and to exploit the current COVID-19 pandemic
  3. Support the law enforcement organizations in their fight against threats that are a danger for the public safety.
  4. Create a disinformation resilience of the MS-LSO

In this most sensitive time, we are here to watch the watchmen that protecting our life in the front lines.

Access to this platform is purely for threat intelligence work and not to be exploited as a for-profit resource.

Contact Information
General Info: [email protected]
Press Inquiries: [email protected]
Incident Response Support: [email protected] 

Management Team
Ohad Zaidenberg – Founder and Executive
Nate Warfield – Founder
Marc Rogers – Founder


CTI League proudly utilizes systems and services from Slack, Shodan, Greynoise and VirusTotal.

Special kudos for D3i:  A cyber intelligence management company for the contribution. D3I enable intelligence teams to demonstrate their value through tested workflows and meaningful metrics.

CTI League Inaugural Report

In this first report, we provide an overview of the CTI League activities including:

  • Membership growth
  • Crucial projects that our volunteers are working on
  • Information on how to engage with us.