Response to the censorship allegations about the CTI League (CTIL) made by Mr Taibbi & Mr Shellenberger.

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Cyber security in the age of COVID-19: A timeline and analysis of cyber-crime and cyber-attacks during the pandemic

A deeper look into cybersecurity issues in the wake of Covid-19: A survey

Provide Medical Care is in Critical Condition: Analysis and Stakeholder Decision Support to Minimize Further Harm

The CTI League was founded by 

  1. Ohad Zaidenberg, who was working as the lead security researcher for ClearSky Cyber Security. Ohad is not, and has never been an Israeli Intelligence officer. The original allegations can be traced back to an antisemitic source that offered no corroborating evidence to support these outrageous allegations.
  2. Marc Rogers, who was working as a cybersecurity executive for the Okta. Marc has been a hacker his whole career, and the evidence of his work can be seen in his published research or work TV shows such as MR Robot. He is also not a spy.
  3. Nate Warfield who was working as a senior security program manager for Microsoft’s MSRC. 
  4. Chris Mills who was working as a senior privacy program manager for Microsoft

Until a better solution is found it will be volunteers in initiatives like this that ultimately make the difference in defending our country from sophisticated threats.