Welcome to the CTI League – Connecting Cyber Threat Intelligence

We are a community of CTI experts, Incident responders and Industry experts working to neutralize all cyber threats looking to exploit the current pandemic. We identify, analyze and neutralize all threats but at this most sensitive time are prioritizing front-line medical resources and critical infrastructure.

This is a trust based, restricted invite organization. Access to this platform is purely for threat intelligence work and not to be exploited as a for profit resource.

Contact Information
General Info: [email protected]
Press Inquiries: [email protected]
Incident Response Support: [email protected]

Management Team
Ohad Zaidenberg
Nate Warfield
Chris Mills
Marc Rogers

9 thoughts on “Welcome to the CTI League – Connecting Cyber Threat Intelligence

  1. I would like to say thank to this group for provocatively taking charge against threats trying to take advantage during this crisis. I initially wanted to join but realized that in my current employment and resource availability that I would not be able to provide much. I am an inspiring cyber security analyst who eventually wants to provide my skills in this field. I hope to hear great news from this group.

  2. Hello, this greatly interests me I have a long career in cyber security and threat intelligence. I would like to see how I can’t assist and what others are contributing. Thank you!

  3. Ohad and team thank you for making this happen! The world needs a volunteer community of global security experts helping to defeat healthcare exploits now more than ever! The polyX community of security experts will help!

  4. COVID-19 is an alarming situation now more than ever.
    Let me contribute to my best.
    Experience : Deep crawling, data analytics, threat intel, malware analysis etc..

  5. Attacking critical infrastructure and emergency services during a pandemic should be considered a “crime against nature!”
    Society’s security professionals should stand up and do something about it.
    Join us. We are volunteers and “they” have to pay to play. So let’s raise those blinds for them.

  6. Like many cybersecurity students, I would LOVE to contribute to this cause.

    However, my skill level is not adequate for the task.

    Still, I offer my thanks to all of you professionals coming together to fight the bad guys.

    Before long, I will one among you.

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